Insurance CRM and Insurance AMS Is a Winning Combination

06.25.21 10:54 AM By Rachel

Insurance CRM and Insurance AMS Is a Winning Combination

Insurance agencies today have an almost endless option of choices when it comes to technology for insurance agencies. The sheer variety of systems and technologies available in the market can lead to confusion when it comes to determining the right IT strategy and landscape. However, its imperative that agencies have the right combination of systems for them to be able to sell and service their customers. The technology landscape is often the single biggest factor critical to success for an insurance agency.  One of the most impactful insurance technology choices an independent insurance agency owner makes for their agency is the choice of Agency Management System (AMS) and a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).  When an agency owner chooses prudently, selecting the right Insurance CRM and Insurance AMS is a winning combination. 

Let's look a what business needs a CRM and an AMS addresses.

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Lady sitting in insurance office working on insurance CRM and insurance AMS on her laptop computer.

Insurance CRM and Insurance AMS Functions

CRM systems, as the name suggests, takes care of Customer Management. This includes lead management, contact management, marketing automation, sales workflow management and marketing analytics. 

AMS systems primarily takes care of Policy Management. This includes functions like policy lifecycle management, claims tracking, commission tracking, and documents management.

insurance agency team collaboration after using insurance crm and insurance ams systems

Critical Alignment Between Customer, Sales, and Operations

It is a no-brainer that a close alignment between customer needs, sales effectiveness, and operational efficiency is critical to the success of an agency. Any deviations may lead to poor conversions, expense overrun and higher customer attrition. An AMS built on top of a powerful CRM helps address this alignment.  

Key Benefits of Building an Insurance AMS on Top of a CRM

  • Marketing Automation: An integrated IT landscape opens up automation opportunities across the process of nurturing of leads through the lead, quoting, drip-campaigns, and cross-selling and up-selling functions. 


  • Single View of Customer: Agencies will be able to see all customer data, all at once and completely in sync, leading to improved understanding of customer needs, customer behavior, and relationship management.


  • Higher Lead Conversions: Improved view of existing customers and book of business performance as well as improved marketing campaigns help agents to nurture leads more effectively. 


  • Improved Customer Lifetime Value:  With improved data integration, agencies will be able to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities much more effectively leading to improved customer lifetime value. 


  • Improved Business Insights: An integrated database of leads, customers, policies and operations means better visibility into overall agency performance and opportunities.

Key Issues if Your Insurance AMS Is Not Built on Top of a CRM

  • Gaps in customer data, leading to weakened approach towards customer relationship management and management of the agency in general.

  • Higher cost of operations due to multiple databases and systems.

  • Poor customer responsiveness due to inefficiencies and redundancies in cross-selling and up-selling.

  • Inadequate marketing capabilities if agency is using a traditional AMS system.

SiegeAOS caters to the business needs and issues that insurance agencies face in today’s world. Siege Technology Solutions has invested in developing a solution that provides a great combination of sophisticated insurance CRM and efficient insurance AMS. Click Here for a quick glimpse of SiegeAOS product features.

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