5 Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Agencies

07.21.21 03:02 PM By Emilia

5 Email Marketing Tips for Insurance Agencies

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for an insurance agency. According to FinancesOnline, this channel is growing fast worldwide. Through this channel you can have direct and personalized contact with your audience. Many online marketing channels depend on algorithms to be able to reach your customers. Not so with e-mail marketing! We want to share 5 email marketing tips that will increase your customer engagement.

Email Marketing pink envelopes for insurance CRM for Independent insurance agency

1. Build an Email Marketing List

First of all, it can be tedious to build an email list AND keep it updated. One way to do this is with a simple spreadsheet. For an independent insurance agency, a Customer Relationship Management or CRM system is highly recommended. Additionally, a CRM is much more effective if it includes an agency management system (AMS) within the CRM system. Schedule a FREE demo to see how efficient this can be for your insurance agency.

2. The Right Subject Line 

Next, if you want that email to be opened, then you need an interesting subject line. According to Business2community, 47% of the recipients open their email based on the subject lines alone. You can find additional information on this research and other important factors to be considered for the subject line. 

3. The Right Content 

Thirdly, email marketing helps you have a personalized relationship with your audience. First, you need to know your goal: Are you informing, entertaining, or selling? Secondly, know your audience: what are their interests, ages, etc.? The content of your message should be related to these goals.

An important note: DO NOT use email marketing only to sell your product or service. Create a variety of emails for your audience such as interesting reposts, special dates, news, tips, promoting your social media, etc.

4. Image and Color 

Another thing to remember is to not saturate the email with images. One or two images is enough. Also, use colors and images that match the mood of the message. Many CRM systems include templates, or you can create your own on Canva for free.

5. Analyze/Track Your Email Marketing 

Finally, track and analyze your email marketing. It is essential to evaluate which emails work best. You can create A/B tests to: analyze the best date and time to send emails, which emails are bouncing, or which campaigns or subject lines are more engaging. A robust CRM system will track this information for you. It is much easier and efficient to have your customer database, marketing campaigns and all other information on one single platform. (Schedule a free demo with SiegeAOS to see a system that lets you control and track your marketing, as well as manage your policies and your entire agency.)

In conclusion, for the best results, always be CONSISTENT with these 5 email marketing tips.

With the digital transformation age that we are living in now, you can automate your emails and save time working on SiegeAOS, the CRM based agency management system. Everything you need to market and manage your agency is on One Single Platform. This is called EFFICIENCY! Manage your time wisely.

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